A bit about Me

Hi I was born in Hartlepool in Cleveland (a few years ago!) though, other than using dads camera in a very limited way, did not get into photography in a big way until the early seventies. My friend Peter was equally as keen and, to the innuendos of our friends, went as far as developing our own prints. Though the quality was average at best, to us they were in the David Bailey class !! The old Olympus OM10, (the one with the manual adapter ! ) was my first camera purchased and i was well chuffed with it ! I traded that for the Nikon F301 and what an impressive piece of kit that was ! My photography improved drastically , not just the quality produced, but it seemed to give me the confidence to experiment ! Then in the late eighties i had the opportunity to purchase a auto focus ( what a leap forward that was ! ) - enter the Canon EOS 650 ! What a camera that was (and still is) and all of a sudden blurred pictures virtually disappeared from the Geoff Moyle collection! What a camera ! A little Nikon Coolpix got me gently into the world of digital and all of a sudden you could take any amount of images and if they were poor - delete ! I took the plunge a couple of years later to my current machine - a Nikon D70. I was like a pig in ..... ! I was fortunate to meet my partner Jen who was equally as enthusiastic and probably reels of more images than i do when we go out on a photo shoot ! I must also thank Adobe for the remarkable Photoshop software - an amazing tool to compliment the camera equipment ! One last thing - i am a staunch Leeds Rhinos supporter ( have been since the early sixties ). If any Rhino supporters are passing through leave a message - that would be great ! HAPPY PHOTOGRAPHY !!!!!